Lawton Associates is committed to working with individual and organizational clients to produce desired results. Our philosophy and practice is to support the individual needs of client organizations and to work with organizational leaders to produce results and gain lasting capacity. We believe this will enable clients to produce desired results in the future.

Sample Engagements

We provided training and facilitation for country managers of an multinational technology and management consulting firm to help them prepare for rapid growth, a refocused business strategy and an IPO. The focus of the workshop was on individual and organizational responses to change and how to more effectively work as a team to lead through upcoming turbulent change.

We worked with a professional association, using an approach to planning based on Appreciative Inquiry. The board, staff leaders, and key stakeholder identified their successes as a basis for bold new initiatives and directions for the future. They were able to develop action teams to drive results.

We served as project manager for a highly regulated company's, enterprise-wide manufacturing computer hardware, software and process solution to meet Y2K and strategic objectives. We led teams to develop and implement hardware installation, data conversion, employee training, internal and external communication, operational transitions, and regulatory compliance.

Supported development and monitoring of action plans to create significant organizational growth. Studied internal and external perceptions as well as operations to make recommendations for improvement. We also led the development of a strategic plan using a future-oriented process involving more than 40 internal and stakeholder participants.

Conducted a cross-sectional survey of employees to determine potential problems that may occur as changes in leadership, manufacturing processes, operating culture and computer systems occurred. With the results we worked with change team leaders to develop interventions to capitalize on perceived strengths and overcome potential problems.

Worked with an executive mangement team to lead a priority setting process that narrowed more than 250 operational priorities to 100 and focused them around 15 initiatives to support six strategic priorities. The team was able to assign cross-functional teams for each initiative.

Provided customized training for managers, supervisors and line staff in seven operational locations of a nationwide company. The training was designed to support changes in financial policies/procedures, technology, downsizing, and consolidation of operations. Training included the nature of change, personal and organizational responses, personal change style assessments, personal action planning, and organizational impact risk assessments.