The Essential Network.

The Essential Network is about building your network of support, increasing your business and serves as a practical guide to building connections for growth and development.

It incorporates many personal stories to illustrate the productive results that can occur from building connections. These include people who have found life-partners, avoided personal and financial disaster, made career changes, built businesses and met famous people. The Essential Network is a guide to build and grow networks, uitilize networks more efficiently and maintain and cultivate personal and professional networks more effectively.

The Essential Network contains more than 50 personal examples of successful networking in a variety of businesses and professions and provides more than 65 proven action items. This book was written both for the novice who wishes to begin building a personal and professional network and for the experienced networker who wishes to further grow their connections. Complete with a bibliography, The Essential Network serves as an invaluable roadmap into the resource building world of relationships.