Producing Desired Results Through Change

Fall 2005

In this issue... How employees can learn to respond to change... Catch up with Lawton Associates' John Bennett... Create motivated project team members, and much more.

Responding to Change— What Employees Can Do

Listen to understand. It is easy to jump to conclusions, quickly form opinions, and stop listening when changes are announced. Take time to listen. Listen to hear and seek to understand what is being changed, why the change is occurring, how you will be affected, and what you can do to respond in a constructive manner. [ More ]

Networking Tips

Remember that no one is a stranger once you have introduced yourself. Make eye contact and repeat the person's name several times. Everyone likes hearing one's own name, and you will be more likely to remember it. If you have any doubt that the other people will recall your name, make it easy for them. Tell them your name and how they might remember you. Don't assume that everyone you remember will remember you. [ More ]

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