Speaking and Training

Speaking & Training

Each keynote speech and workshop is tailored to meet the needs of its participants for, excelling through, and improving from change. Programs are targeted for change leaders and participants, as well as those directly impacted by technology, process, merge/acquisition, and restructuring changes in a variety of for-profit and not-for-profit environments. Appropriate audiences range from senior level executives to middle managers to line-staff. To tailor the needs of individual clients, extensive research is done to understand and customize programs to meet specific needs. In addition to the topics listed below, keynote addresses and workshops can be created.

The following is a sample list of topics and programs available:

Coaching for Peak Performance

Develop your capacity to guide and support others for peak performance by moving beyond directing to coach them for improved success and independence.
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Communicating with a Diverse Audience

Enhance your appreciation for differences and learn strategies for improving communication and interaction with a variety of individuals and diverse groups and audiences.
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Conversations That Produce Desired Results

Understand the importance of communication, how to successful lead change with effective communication, and how to improve performance as change leaders.
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Creating the Leadership Edge

Enhance personal and organizational resilience to change by reducing resistance, identifying and addressing barriers, and improving communication.
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Feedback to Feed-Forward: Giving, Receiving, and Using Feedback

Overcome barriers to giving and receiving feedback in order to improve individual and team performance and develop talent.
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How to Deal with Difficult Associates

Develop skills necessary to face those difficult conversations by making this constructive and productive.
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Responding to the Cycle of Change

Enhance personal understanding and acceptance of upcoming change, develop personal and team resilience, and produce personal actions for development and growth.
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Success Through Personal Connections

Develop networking skills and networks to achieve individual and organizational success.
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Taking the Dinosaurs Out: Building Individual Resilience for Change

Understand the essential factors in building resilience and develop personal (and team) actions to enhance your capacity to adapt.
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All workshops and keynote speeches can be tailored or customized to meet the specific needs of audiences. For more information about speaking and training services, click here or call 1-877-8LAWTON. Contact us for a free video brochure and speaker information packet.